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Kim Haan, oboist

cor anglais and oboe d'amore player

tutor of oboe, theory and piano

Teaching Children

I use exciting and inspirational techniques to teach rhythm, reading music, theory and both instrumental and vocal techniques.

Playing with expression and using feelings to explore phrases and different genres of music are important techniques that I strive to teach to children.  

Children learn co-ordination through movement such as learning fingerings on an instrument. This trains the brain and helps with learning many other skills such as mathematics and physics.

The singing style I teach the most is Musical Theatre but I also teach "Rock School" and classical music styles including Opera. I teach singing in Italian, Latin, German and French.

I teach lessons in oboe, flute, clarinet, saxophone, singing or theory. I include learning to read the notes on a piano and singing to pupils who show an interest.

Please contact me for references on [email protected]